Mill / Attic Renovation


As you can see this was a dusty storage area before we began our work just like most attic spaces, although this property began its life as a working mill many years ago.  Once we had a clear space to work in our first job was to insulate the roof space, thus we battened out the entire roof and attached the sheep’s wool insulation. This was first time I have used sheep’s wool and can completely confirm its a great material to use for insulation. This renovation began at the end of our summer and thus the attic space was a hot and sweaty environment to work in, but once the insulation was installed the attic had actually cooled to a pleasant working temperature. If you were to put your hand behind the sheep’s wool you could feel the heat being trapped, basically its a great thermal barrier and I would definitely recommend it to future clients.

Thats me happy with a job well done.