Bungalow Timber Frame Extension

This job involved extending a block made bungalow upwards, i had been contacted to erect the timber frame on top of the existing structure as shown in the first picture. I was really pleased to see that the client had a scaffold structure completely covering the whole project as now any adverse weather conditions would not greatly affect the build helping the project stick to the clients time schedule.Our first job was construct a new floor for the extension to be built upon.

timber frame 001 timber frame 013

The timber frame designer and supplier had specified structure grade timber joists in the construction of the floor using massive steel beams to support the floor. This was a mistake in my opinion as the steels were so heavy the client had to pay someone to reinforce the existing block walls. It is also far quicker to construct a floor out of posi-joists which do cost more than standard timber but are lighter and far quicker to install. Thus you make a saving in labour costs and in this case the extra cost of rein-forcing the walls as well would not of been incurred.

timber frame 021timber frame 035

The above photos show the gable ends and dwarf walls erected and the stair case cavity covered up for safety reasons.We now had the massive task of hand lifting the pre-made trusses into place, normally a crane would be used for this type of work but as there was a scaffold structure over the bungalow this was not possible.

timber frame 041 timber frame 060

Once all the trusses hand been fixed into the truss clips we then began erecting the internal walls and dormer window cheeks.While this was happening the outside block work had been completed and was ready for rendering.

timber frame 058 timber frame 070

Here you can see the gable end finished and ready for the roofer to begin his work.

I really enjoyed this job for the simply reason of the shear size of the extension and that whatever the weather was we were able to continue working in the dry and at full speed. I would defiantly recommend having a scaffold cover over a build project as it helps to keep the project moving forward. With the added benefit of being able to start installing internal fixing before the roof is even on.